Human Rights and Conflict Project

The Project aims to enhance the effectiveness of NHRIs to promote and protect human rights in situations of conflict and/or post-conflict throughout wider Europe.
The Project Microsite serves as a unique database and resource of the information related to the NHRIs activities in the European environments of post- conflict and conflict.

Project Timeline

ENNHRI is conducting a 3-year EU funded Project between April 2017 and March 2020. The dates of the milestones have been established according to proposals of ENNHRI members and estimates, yet some of the dates may be subject to changes later in the development of the Project.

1 Research Year 1
2 Design Year 1 and Year 2
3 Implementation Year 2 and Year 3
4 Monitoring and Evaluation (internal) Year 3
5 Evaluation (external) 30 January 2018

More detailed information about the Project timeline can be found here

More information about the Project can be found:

Project Team

The Project will be steered by an Advisory Group composed of ENNHRI members and key international stakeholders. The Project Advisory Group ensures that the strategic direction of the Project is in line with ENNHRI’s Strategy and responds to the needs of members to build ownership and guarantee maximum relevance of the activities and results of the Project. Additionally, the Advisory Group safeguards the sensitivity of the Project to specific regional, national and local contexts in which ENNHRI members are operating, in conformity with the ‘do no harm’ principle.

The Members of the Advisory Group

ENNHRI Secretariat Staff

Temporary Project Support