Guidance on the Role of NHRIs in (post) conflict

The Guidance on the Role of NHRIs in (post) conflict constitutes one of the main outcomes of the Project. The Guidance aims at deepening the understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by NHRIs in (post) conflict and produce examples of good practices in this area.

The first draft will be developed on the basis of:

  • desk research building on General Observations and Paris Principles;
  • academic research;
  • conclusions from other NHRI projects;
  • 2015 Kyiv Declaration on the Role of National Human Rights Institutions in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations.

The Guidance will be further developed trough:

  • the Project workshops
  • structured meetings with stakeholders, between NHRIs, and with NHRIs,
  • resource materials from experts in the capacity building of NHRIs
  • NHRIs’ regional and international engagement

The Guidance will be publically presented at the final Project Conference in 2020 in the third year of the Project.