ENNHRI advised on Malta’s plan to establish NHRI

ENNHRI’s Secretary General Debbie Kohner and Helena Dalli, Malta’s Minister for European Affairs and Equality.

ENNHRI’s Secretary General, Debbie Kohner, spoke today at the Maltese government’s conference on Human Rights and Equality 2.0.

Ms. Kohner was invited to provide expertise and advise on Malta’s draft legislation to establish an NHRI. She congratulated Malta’s Minister for European Affairs and Equality Helena Dalli on a good draft bill, which addresses the central requirements of the UN Paris Principles. She also made recommendations to strengthen further the bill.

Analysis on the draft bills on a proposed Human Rights and Equality Commission, as well as a new Equality Bill, was also provided by representatives of OHCHR, ECRI, European Commission, FRA, Equinet and Maltese actors.

"I believe these are the most important bills I have worked on since I became Minister"
Helena Dalli, Maltese Minister for European Affairs and Equality

ENNHRI offered ongoing support for the next steps in establishing a Paris Principles-compliant NHRI in Malta. Ms. Kohner also underlined the accreditation support, capacity building and peer exchange from which the eventual Maltese NHRI can benefit, once established.