Asylum and Migration

Freedom of movement is both a human right and a fundamental freedom, which impacts on the enjoyment of many other human rights. The Working Group members work to strengthen regional and international cooperation in the field and increase their impact on relevant policy, legislation and jurisprudence. The Working Group also facilitates engagement with regional mechanisms on asylum and migration issues and provides support to members in addressing the challenges they face in this area.

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Protecting the rights of migrants ©Gustave Deghilage / Flickr

The Working Group has worked on issues such as: migrants’ reception and detention conditions, forced returns, statelessness, undocumented migrants or the EU Recast Directives on asylum. Raising awareness of the shared responsibility in the promotion and protection of the rights of migrants and refugees and obtaining a strong commitment to strengthen cooperation in the field are the main goals of the Working Group members.

ENNHRI Recent statements and position on asylum and migration

Other statements and declarations

  • Tirana Declaration on the occasion of the High Level Conference "Challenges of Ombudsman Institutions with respect to Mixed Migratory Flows" (7-8 September 2016, Tirana, Albania)